Experience the Magic: Highlights from Hostel Fiesta at Taurian World School

We’re thrilled to share with you the highlights of an unforgettable evening filled with talent and enthusiasm from our boarding students.

Welcome to Hostel Fiesta:

The event began with a warm welcome, setting the stage for an evening of celebration.

Ganesh Vandana Dance Performance:

Our students kicked off the festivities with a mesmerizing dance performance, paying homage to Lord Ganesh.

Musical Talents Shine:

From band percussions to harmonious choir singing, our students showcased their musical prowess with enthusiasm and skill.

Captivating Dance Performances:

The stage came alive with captivating performances by our western dance group and graceful classical dance group.

Melodious Renditions:

Lavanya Rastogi’s melodious voice enchanted the audience with her soulful singing.

Guitar and Tabla Fusion:

Our talented guitarists and tabla players came together for a unique fusion performance that left everyone spellbound.

Celebrating Sports Achievements:

Recognition was given to our sports achievers during the sports talent drive prize distribution.

Emotional Moments:

Ms. Tamalika’s emotional song touched everyone’s hearts, spreading warmth and joy.

Words of Encouragement:

Dr. Subhash Kumar, our beloved Principal shared inspiring words, encouraging our students to continue pursuing their passions.

Dance the Night Away:

The night ended with our students hitting the dance floor, grooving to the beats of DJ music.


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