Independence Day Festivities at TWS

Taurian World School celebrated India’s 77th Independence Day with a series of memorable events.
The day began with a spirited march past led by Principal Dr. Subhash Kumar. The National Flag was then proudly hoisted by Dr. Kumar, accompanied by the National Anthem.
Student representatives, Piyush and Saksham, delivered heartfelt speeches in Hindi and English. The School Choir further elevated the patriotic fervor with renditions of ‘Dil Diya hai jaan bhi denge’ and ‘Vande Maatram’.
Following a community breakfast, a much-anticipated football final was held between Phoenix and Griffin houses, showcasing the school’s commitment to sportsmanship.
Dr. Kumar remarked, “Today’s celebrations reflect the unity, discipline, and patriotic spirit of our students and the Taurian community.”


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