Inter-house Yoga Competition Results with International Yoga Day Celebrations


With a focus on the importance of a robust body and an active lifestyle, we organised an inter-house yoga competition from 18th – 20th June, for all the students and the staff. Mr. Krishnendu Pramanick, a proficient yoga & karate instructor, Mr. Ashish, Hostel Warden and Mr. Santosh Singh, a professional Basket Coach, adjudged the event. It was a great delight to see the participants perform various Asans such as Chakraasan, Parvatasan and Shirshaasan with so much agility. A total of 103 students from all the 4 houses and 60 teachers put their best foot forward to display their potential for yoga. The judges appreciated the hard work and declared the results. The results were as follows:

Grade LKG – II
1st Position – Evelyn Sophia Paul
2nd Position – Sasha Angel Bara
3rd Position – Daksh Vignesh Choudhary

Grade III – V
1st Position – Phool Sakha
2nd Position – Ashvi Kashyap
3rd Position – Mayank Patel

Grade VI – VIII (Boys)
1st Position – Arsh
2nd Position – Prashast Paul Bhengra
3rd Position – Prakhar & Tejas Gyanesh Choudhary

Grade VI – VIII (Girls)
1st Position – Pramila Kumari
2nd Position – Vimla Kumari
3rd Position – Barkha Rai

Grade IX – XII (Boys)
1st Position – Aditya Raj
2nd Position – Aman Kumar
3rd Position – Ritwik Raj

Grade IX – XII (Girls)
1st Position – Arti Kumari
2nd Position – Ananya Singh
3rd Position – Ananya Upadhyay

We congratulate all the staff and the students who on the whole performed well.
The week ended with the International Yoga Day Celebration 2019 on 21st June celebrated inside the campus with the Boarding students and the In-house staff participating in large numbers. We also invited Parasnath School from Hazam Village where 100 students celebrated yoga day with us. Later we distributed caps and snacks to the students.
Attached are pictures of the event for reference.


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