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Makar Sankranti Celebrations

16 Jan 2020 | Whole School Events, Students Corner, Cause for Celebration, In focus, 2020, ALL, Featured, School Events

Makar Sankranti, the festival of kites and til chikkis was celebrated today at Taurian World School – 15th of January 2020.

Makar Sankranti literally means the movement of the Sun into Capricorn. It is the festival of til-gul. Sesame and jaggery chikkis were distributed among all during the breakfast.

They are generally accompanied by the saying “ til-gul ghya ani gud gud bola” which means “ Eat these sesame seeds and jaggery and speak sweet words.

It was an amazing sight to see the colourful kites in the sky and each student trying hard to keep their kite flying high. One could also see that special bonding between the staff, substaff and the students while flying their kites. Many people re-lived their childhood days and kept encouraging the students by shouting ‘ Come on son, you can do it!’ .

They thoroughly enjoyed this activity to the fullest.

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