Martial Arts Training Workshop for Taurian Security Personnel initiated

Martial Arts Training

As you all know that within the security profession, there is a wide range of knowledge and many skills to be mastered dealing with a variety of areas.

These include criminal and civil legal issues, investigative issues and public relations. At times, emphasis may be placed on physical fitness and self-defense techniques.

The training in fitness and self- defense is usually limited to traditional exercise and running and general self-defense techniques. But many in the profession often fail to include a more formalized self-defense system such as the Martial Arts.

Martial arts training provides techniques for self-defense while increasing the self-confidence and overall good health of the practitioner.

Taurian World School started an initiative by implanting those martial arts skills for all Security Personnel inside the campus thanks to our Karate instructor Mr. Krishnendu Pramanick.

Not only the training will provide our guards to be self disciplined, improve their focus and concentration, develop physical fitness but also will enhance their etiquettes and manners. 

You can see the ongoing training in the photos attached to this link:  https://goo.gl/736mRP

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