It gives us immense pleasure to share with you a report on the successful run of the Middle School Youth Leadership Program (YLP) conducted on 21st July, 2017.
 Science around Us   
Resource Persons: Lakshendra Singh, Aahika Jain, Antara Chawla, Akshat Raj and Aarjav Choudhary (Grade 6 A & B)
Participants: Grade 3
Teacher In charge: Ms Pooja Rai
It was fun to see some of the Grade VI children conduct an activity on Science around Us for students of Grade III. They started with a video presentation ‘Science around us’ taken from www.powtoon,com  and conducted some activities to explain and demonstrate if we talk about science, changes cannot be forgotten. Changes such as slow and fast, physical and chemical and reversible and irreversible. Changes affect shape, size, position, state of matter and internal structure.
Learner’s Feedback:
Malak Hsan: The session was very good, learned science, Different changes such as Chemical & Physical changes, Reversible & Irreversible changes. We need such sessions once in a week.
Alankrit: Session was very good I enjoyed a lot and I learned about various changes.
Resource person’s Feedback: 
Akshat Raj: It was my first experience and I learned how to teach the small children, How to communicate etc. We could have performed well with more coordination among the team members.
Antara Chawla: It was my first experience and I learned how to explain something to small children, How to communicate with small children and also learned how to lead a group.
Data Handling
Resource Persons:  Bhavya Choudhary, Tahreem Rabbani, Advey Kumar and Nidhi Murarka(Grade 7 A & B)
Participants: Grade 4
Teacher Incharge : Ms Bharti Singh
“The only way of learn mathematics is to do mathematics”
Grade VII students explained Data Handling to Grade IV students through activities based on the topic. One of the activities was based on bar graph during which the students were divided into several groups, different types of chocolates and A4 sheet was given to them to represent a bar graph. Another activity was based on pictograph during which students used their favourite toy to make a picture presentation.
The students of Grade IV thoroughly enjoyed and participated in the activities enthusiastically and the resource person (Students of Grade VII) conducted the YLP session smoothly.
Resource person’s Feedback: 
Advay Kumr: The students were paying attention and understood what we taught.  I enjoyed being friendly with students enjoyed this session.
Bhavya Choudhary: The students were very obedient, they paid attention without any disturbance and they learned lot.
Science is fun
Resource Persons: Bhavya Rai, Khushi Choubey, Saksham Raj, Priyanshu Kumar (Grade 8 A & B)
Participants: Grade 5 A & B
Teacher In-charge: Himanshu Gupta and Ritesh Gupta

The students of Grade VIII conducted the below activities in the Physics laboratory for the students of Grade V.
Activity 1: A lime water test in which students learned how to test for the presence of Carbon Di-oxide gas, by simply blowing the air into the test tube containing Lime water.

 Activity 2: Burning of Magnesium ribbon in oxygen. When magnesium ribbon is burnt in the presence of oxygen it gives white dazzling flame.

Activity 3: In this activity children were introduced to natural and manmade indicators which are used to detect whether a substance is acid or base. In the experiment, the resource persons demonstrated about red litmus paper and blue litmus paper, and tested them for vinegar, lime water, lemon juice, water and washing powder solution. They also explained about the changing color of the two litmus paper in different medium. The students also explained about the natural indicator i.e turmeric and made all the children carry out the test for different solutions such as vinegar and washing powder solution. Children of Grade V themselves carried out the activity and experienced how the test for different acidic and basic substance takes place.

 Activity 4:  A test for conduction of electricity in different medium. Students used an electric circuit to show the conduction of electricity in different medium such as water, lime water, lemon juice, pencil lead etc.

Learner’s Feedback:

Ghazanaffar VB –I liked today’s YLP, ‘Science is fun’. I learnt about natural and man-made indicator. I also learnt about the good and bad conductors of electricity.

Hayat Mallick V A-  I liked the way the activity was conducted. They were very kind and cheerful.

Resource person’s Feedback: 

Saksham Raj Grade 8B – I liked the ‘YLP’ under the topic ‘Science is fun’. I myself got to learn a lot just because I had to conduct this program.

Bhavya Rai Grade 8A – Apparently, I had never been a part of any kind of youth leadership program. Much to my excitement, I found it so interesting to interact with the cute kids. I was so glad and  happy to be on the spotlight.


To view pictures of the Middle School YLP activities click here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ts6o6uwpbie67vr/AAAwYFnX_4IF8yPdzP5SY7SAa?dl=0    The pictures will be available on this link till 30th July, 2017.  Please feel free to download and share with family and friends.

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