Nature Walk to TWS Organic Field – Grade 10 Activity

Nature Walk

Students of class 10 were taken to the watermelon field where mixed farming of watermelon with cabbage is being carried out.

Here students observed watermelon growing along with cabbage with properly planned, alternate sowing. Students came to know that watermelon is a creeper plant.

They were able to understand why melon plants are weak stemmed plants and never grow tall to protect the fruit from falling and breaking down. 

They also learnt how to select a full grown fruit without cutting it. Students enjoyed some ripe watermelons and fed the green part to the cows in the school’s cowshed where they get the milk from.

The students were then taken to the pump house which is the controlling unit, equipped with 9 feeding tanks loaded with nutrients, and essentials for the farm plants. The plants are wattered through drip irrigation system which teaches us not to waste water. They also saw manmade pond maintained on campus for fish culture.

While returning back to the academic building, they also observed the process of mulching which prevents weed growth and also dug out earth worms from the vermi compost pits which they only learnt in their books. 

Students were happy and enjoyed the field walk and after the summer vacations they will practice farming on their own. They will be allotted plots to grow and supply the same to the kitchen and eat selfgrown vegetables and fruits.

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