Olympic Youth Forum 2019 at Macon, France


With immense pleasure we would like to inform you that our champ Sukrit Katriar, a Grade XII enthusiast, has successfully participated in the Olympic Youth Forum 2019 held in Macon, France from 24th – 31st August 2019. 

He was one of the seven students selected from Jharkhand to represent India in the 8 days Olympic Youth Forum. 

A powerful debator by choice and a loving person by nature, this multi-talented kid, has proven himself in the International Arena too.

He was honoured with the Coubertin Medal for successfully participating in all five categories of the Coubertin Award namely Knowledge Test, Sport Competitions, Social Performance, Arts Performance and Discussions on Olympic Values.

Following Coubertin’s educational aims, the motto of this 12th Olympic Youth Forum organized by the International Pierre De Coubertin Association (IPCA) was “Olympism at school”.

It reflected their approach of a holistic and harmonious education of youth based on the five areas of learning within the Olympic education: sporting efforts, social conduct, moral behaviour, Olympic knowledge and musical and artistic creativity.

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