Poetry Recitation Competition



Humans are social animals. What makes us different from animals are emotions. Language plays an important role in expressing those emotions.

Without language we would not have been any different from animals.

Though we can express our emotions in various forms of language, the subtlety of it reaches a peak when language takes the form of a poetry.

Poetry Recitation activities help students to build confidence as they learn to speak more accurately and persuasively about any piece of writing.

Keeping this in mind, A Poetry Recitation Competition was organized by the Primary School Department for the students of Grade LKG to Grade 5 on 21st January 2022.

The activity in-charges for the competition were their teachers Mrs. Sadaf Rahman and Mrs. Sunita Sinha.

Our little munchkins astonished everyone with their voice modulation and amazing memorizing skills.

Many children recited poems on some burning issues such as pollution, save trees and harmful effects of plastic on our environment.

A significant message was spread through their poems that it is essential to be aware of the dangerous impacts of Plastic and imperative to put our hands together to fight against this modern monster, Plastic.

The results are as follows:


Grade-LKG to 2

1st Rank :- Utkarsh Kumar (Grade 1)

2nd Rank :- Rimil Pahan (Grade UKG), Harshvardhan Das (Grade 1)

3rd Rank :- Mrinalini Vaibhav Lahot (Grade UKG)


Grade-3 to 5

1st Rank :- Arsh Sahay (Grade 3)

2nd Rank :- Kriyang Pathak (Grade 4), Dabeet Singh (Grade 4), Hannah Sara Bage (Grade 4), Aashvi Kashyap (Grade 5), Kabir Shaw (Grade 5)

3nd Rank :- Aahan Budhia (Grade 5), Aiden Ewan Singh (Grade 5)


Special performers

Viraj Jain (Grade 3)
Shantanu (Grade 4)
Anamika Kumari (Grade 5), Ramdhan Sawargi (Grade 5), Sampoorn Mukherjee (Grade 5)




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