Primary Taurian Capacity Building Programme

We are pleased to share with you the report of the first Taurian Concept Building Program for Boarding Students, Primary Section.

The boarding students of the primary section enjoyed a day full of activities and fun. Research says that when children are happy and enjoy the learning, it goes a long way in developing the sense of learning. The session was divided into two slots so that the basic skills of the children could be reinforced as well as they could enjoy some of the fun filled activities.

In the first half of the session, the teachers worked with small groups of students as per their age where the focus was on concept building in Numeracy and Literacy. A variety of strategies and tools were used to help the kids understand the basics which form the foundation of literacy and numeracy concepts.

The second half of the session was aimed to help the kids relax and rejuvenate their weekend. Various work stations were placed in the primary foyer for students to enjoy the different sets of activities.

These activities were aimed at working on the basic skills of the children and take them away from the formal education and still learn by indulging in various activities which aimed at exercising the different faculties of a child.  There were five work stations namely:

  1. Puzzle and Reading Corner–  It aimed at providing some challenging puzzles which kept the students guessing and try various combinations. This stimulated the thinking corner of the students brain.
  2. Play dough–  It was a simple way of involving the kids fully into the act of construction. Students made various shapes with printed designs using various tools. It also sharpened the motor skills of the younger children as they made multiple designs.
  3. Art and Craft–  Craft has an inbuilt quality of involving everyone as it keeps producing constructive results. Children were engrossed in making paper birds with simple yet beautiful designs.
  4. Collage Making – The students were given an outline of different birds, animals and flowers on A3 papers along with multi-shaped and multi-coloured cut outs. It made the students exercise the understanding of estimation – estimation of shape and size that they needed to choose and estimation of time within which they had to complete the task.
  5. Messy Play– As the name suggests it was about getting messy with the materials provided. Students were provided with corn flour dough and coloured rice to play with which they thoroughly enjoyed. The act of playing with it gave a sense of amazement and amusement as the paste melted in their hands.

At the end of the session, the students were asked to share how they felt about the day. No prizes for guessing as they unanimously echoed their joy and happiness about the activities. They also found the first session of addressing the basic concepts, valuable and helpful.

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