Professional Development Day : 15-04-2017

First Professional Development Day for the academic session 2017-18 was conducted on April 15, 2017.  The theme was “Effective Communication and Writing Skills” and “Anger Management”.

The day began with literary expressions to help stimulate ideas.  The students had a variety of topics to choose from and write an essay in 150 words within the time limit of 50 minutes. The topics were as follow:

  • My favourite Place
  • A day without Electricity
  • Students and Technology
  • Why I like Animals
  • My Attitude Towards Sports

The second part of the program began with the Sr. Secondary Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Madhulika Agarwal, making a presentation on the Almanac and Taurian Curriculum Framework (TCF). It began with an interesting interactive session on the Vision and Mission statement. This was followed by a reading of the rules and regulations of the school. Students were also made aware of their role and responsibilities as a Taurian student such as to :

  • behave in a manner that does not interfere with the rights of others
  • abide by the expectations, guidelines, rules and regulations established by the school,
  • attend each school event without fail and on time
  • adhere to the principles of respect, responsibility, integrity, courtesy, productivity and performance
  • display honesty through the production of their work and last but not the least
  • demonstrate respect for the belongings and rights of themselves and others.

The session ended with Principal Sir’s brief address and the blessing.

In the third session, students of Grade VIII to XII attended a workshop on Anger Management conducted by Ms. Tanushree Sengupta.

Anger Management is of paramount importance. It teaches us to accept what we can’t change and to channel our energy to feel positive and calm.

The session was very interesting.  The students were divided into three groups.  Ms. Tanushree read a story which each group enacted with funny gestures and sound effects! This activity made the students burst in laud hearty laughter.

This was followed by a situational role play.  The students were divided into five groups.  Each group came up with wonderful skits which showed a situation that triggers anger in them at home, in class, in the society, among friends and while playing any game.

It was a great activity which also brought out the impressive acting skills of the students.

Ms. Tanushree then discussed the ten golden tips to control anger. She asked everyone to remember that for emotional development it is important to let go and move on instead of “Holding a Grudge and letting someone live rent –free in your head” .

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured”- Mark Twain.

The session provided valuable insights to our students; they found it extremely stimulating and full of new ideas.

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