Professional Development Day for Staff :: Session 1 :: 7th April 2018

Professional Development

The first Professional Development Day workshop for all the staff for the Academic Year 2018-19 was conducted today (i.e., Saturday 7th April, 2018).  The theme of the workshop was “Setting of Academic Citation – Innovation & Goal Setting“. 

The session began with the Music Department playing a melodious prayer song which set the mood of everyone present in the Assembly Hall. 

The Session

Dr. Subhash Kumar, our Principal was the facilitator of the session and the first question he asked the teachers was about their plan for the year 2018-19.

He asked them to list down certain things which they haven’t done in the previous year and would implement this year for the betterment of the students in particular and school in general.

He also told about the role of interdependence in schools. Whether it is academic or admin, one is interdependent on each other to achieve goals.


He then emphasized on Goal setting. The goal to be achieved has to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound (SMART).

This goal setting has to be a two way process; by the teachers as well as by the students themselves.

He told that we need to use goal setting as an entry point in cultivating critical thinking and self-directed learning in the students. 

He concluded the session by suggesting few points to the Academic Coordinators to have it implemented in their respective classes: 

  1. To create an ambience for learning so that the child gets acclimatized to what needs to be done in the classroom.
  2. To work upon the goal setting of a child; what is his expectations.
  3. Have an overview of the topic which the teacher is going to teach
  4. List down the errors committed by a child in the previous year and correct them so that he does not repeat it in the current session.
  5. Maintain Anecdotal diaries for each student.
  6. To brainstorm the students to make a list of gaols which they are planning to achieve in the current year and write down the action plan to achieve those goals.

Finally an inspirational video was shown to all the teachers present and told to ponder upon it. The session ended with a musical note by the Music department.

For photos and videos on the session kindly click on the following link:  https://goo.gl/k9caay

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