Professional Development Day for Teachers

As Solomon Ortiz says “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students”. It is therefore extremely important that teacher themselves have clear and better understanding of what that Education is all about.

With aim of updating and polishing the knowledge of existing teachers, Taurian World School kick started the reopening of the School after summer vacation with Professional Development Training for teachers on 6th and 7th June.

The Central theme of the two day training was “How can we become an effective Teacher.” The session started with Musical Melody on Flute by Mr Sanjay Samantha followed with an introduction of the Fecilitator by the Principal Dr Subhash Kumar. Mr Vijay Gupta, the facilitator is an alumni of IIT Kanpur and IIM Bangalore and has been into training teachers and leaders for over 10 years.

He began the session by first clarifying the key of word of the theme which was “Effective” and went on to discuss how can one become an Effective Teacher. He then shared that the universal objective of every teacher should be “Every student learns” irrespective of their current level of understanding in the classroom.

He then shared ways of ensuring that everyone learns. While discussing about the ways, he emphasized the importance of planning specially while making the learning objectives for each subject and

During the discussion, it was felt necessary to teach Values to students linking it with the topic we are teaching. He
shared various frameworks to make effective planning keeping in mind students interests, readiness and other challenges they might have.

He also stressed upon the importance of Homework and role of teachers and parents in ensuring how children do them. He cautioned that parents must not solve them for their children.

Over the two days, teachers shared challenges that come in their way of students learning to which he shared multiple strategies to combat such challenges. Towards the end he stressed that the task of teaching is complex but extremely important and critical in ensuring that each child learns. The teachers felt positive and motivated to take the learning back to the classrooms and be an effective teacher.

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