REPORT: DAY 1: 9th May:: Grade XII:: Southern Wonders

Of All the Books in the World, The Best Stories are Found Between the Pages of the Passport

With great enthusiasm and thrill 9 students  of Grade XII started their  journey for visiting the Southern Wonders of India – Mysore-Ooty-Coonor-Bangalore. They were accompanied  by Mr. Avinesh Tripathy,  Physical Education teacher and a specialised guide for the tour. As the flight took off from Birsa Munda Airport Ranchi, the thrill and excitement began. It is said in a Journey there are unforeseen situations waiting for you and so it did happen.

Due to bad weather condition near the Kolkata Airport the flight was delayed by half an hour but that did not put a pause in the fun; rather the excitement for reaching the destination increased. At around 6pm the flight arrived at the Bangalore Airport. From the airport the students left for Mysore by road journey and a road trip in the night is exciting indeed. The students had a sumptuous  dinner in a  restaurant along the way to Mysore.

Finally they reached Hotel Rio Meridian in Mysore at around 1:00am in the wee hours of the morning. All the students exhausted and tired put their room lights off and slept to get set for another thrilling day.

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