REPORT: Day 5: 13th May:: Grade XII:: Southern Wonders Tour

Day 5 of the Southern Wonders Tour for Grade XII began with breakfast at 9 a.m. Then it was time for the students to set off for Bangalore. Through the lovely, dark and deep woods of Ooty they drove to Mysore and once again went through the Bandipur Tiger Reserve where once saw Deers and elephants. It was indeed a great sight to watch. Along the way they stopped for a delicious meal. After reaching Mysore they visited the famous Tipu Sultan’s Mosque and his Place of Death and also got a view of the Ranganath Temple after which they continued on their journey to  Bangalore. During the journey they passed their time by watching some movies and enjoying the outside view. The group finally reached Bangalore at 8:00pm. After having a delicious dinner all the students went to their rooms to have a sound sleep to energise themselves for the last day of the Tour at Bangalore.

Below are pictures of some beautiful moments.

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