Revision Activity through Guest Lecture

Progressive education finds its roots in present experience. At Taurian we adopt the common qualities most progressive education programs have, such as :

  • Emphasis on learning by doing – hands-on projects, expeditionary learning, experiential learning
  • Integrated curriculum focused on thematic units
  • Integration of entrepreneurship into education
  • Strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking
  • Group work and development of social skills
  • Understanding and action as the goals of learning as opposed to rote knowledge
  • Collaborative and cooperative learning projects
  • Education for social responsibility and democracy
  • Highly personalized learning accounting for each individual’s personal goals
  • Integration of community service and service learning projects into the daily curriculum
  • Selection of subject content by looking forward to ask what skills will be needed in future society
  • De-emphasis on textbooks in favor of varied learning resources
  • Emphasis on lifelong learning and social skills
  • Assessment by evaluation of child’s projects and productions

Towards that end, our students of Grade VI were excited to do a Map pointing activity in Geography in preparation of their annual examination. They enjoyed using the colour code to mark the varied geographical features of the earth. The Senior Secondary Academic Coordinator, Ms. Madhulika Agarwal visited as a guest lecturer and meticulously guided the students in their map activity.

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