Southern Triangle Tour :: Day 6 :: Grade IV & V :: 26th March 2018

Educational Tour

The children were sad since the days of enjoyment have come to a close and today was the last day for the kids enjoyment since they will be leaving tomorrow back to school. 
But they were equally happy to have opted to come for the tour and enjoy themselves to the fullest.
In the morning on Day 6, the students had their breakfast at 9am and left for sight seeing. They saw the Vidhan Sabha Bangalore, High Court and the Vishweshwaraya Technical and Industrial Museum. They also saw one of the model of the greatest creation of all time – The Aeroplane model by Wright’s brothers. 
Then they moved to see the beautiful Lal Bagh Botanical garden also known as the Red Garden. They saw largest collection of tropical plants and some species of birds too. 
They returned back to their hotel after doing some shopping. The day ended and all were ready to fly back to the school the next day.
Photos can be viewed here: https://goo.gl/zqBX3H
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