Special Assembly on Baisakhi

A special Assembly was organized on the occasion of Baisakhi by Grade IX students. 

Anchored by Miss Shreya Rai, the assembly began with a prayer by Master Someshwar. Students also got inspired listening to the song-‘Vandana’ by the Junior School Choir that had perfectly weaved the importance of praying into words.

The ‘Thought for the Day’ shared by Master Rohit Samuel beautifully explained how everything in this world is blessed, blessed by the one and only GOD and we should be thankful for that.

Followed next was the “Word of the Day” – RESURRECTION by Master Harshal Aman which he tactfully converted into a sentence relating to the upcoming event – Easter Sunday.

Keeping us abreast with the national, international, sports and campus news were Miss Aanchal Maroo, Master Sashank Kumar, Mohd Rustam and Miss Anushka Singh respectively.

Eloquent speeches were delivered by Miss Ananya, Master Rishabh, Master Harsh and Master Kanha on the upcoming events (Baisakhi, Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, Good Friday and Easter Sunday).

The assembly concluded with our Principal, Dr. Subhash Kumar praising Grade IX students for the paperless and smooth conduct of the assembly.  He asked others to take inspiration from them to conduct paperless assemblies in future. Being a history expert he concluded by asking the gathering some questions about secularism, constitutional monarchy and federalism to which the student’s response was enthralling.

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