Student led Morning Assembly : 8th April 2017

In words of William Arthur Ward,

“Opportunities are like Sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.”

The new students of Taurian didn’t have to wait too long and got the opportunity to lead the first “Student Led” Assembly for the academic session 2017-18 as new members of the Taurian Family. It was truly wonderful to see the new students from grade 2 to 9 taking charge and speaking so confidently in front of the large gathering.

The assembly began in the name of  the Almighty, with a powerful and determined song by the Teacher Choir ” इतनी शक्ति हमें देना दाता, मन का विश्वास कमजोर हो नाand ended with a small presentation of the Interaction of new students with the Principal and Coordinators held the previous day. The children were very comfortable introducing themselves and sharing their views and feelings unhesitatingly about being part of the Taurian family. It was pleasant to see the younger students raising hands and sharing their thoughts with great enthusiasm.  The Principal complimented and congratulated each student for their efforts in conducting the assembly.  The Principal in his address conveyed that Hope is the foundation on which the school was built.  It is on this same hope that the parents have admitted their children at Taurian, so that children too can have aspirations and aspire to become a great individual in life.


The task of education must be fundamentally to ensure that knowledge serves to further the cause of human happiness and peace” – Daisaku Ikeda

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