Tableau Competition

Tableau Competition

Taurian Guidance Cell organized a Tableau Competition


Accountability and reward systems are a series of checkpoints and milestones along skill development paths.

They establish common goals and achievements across an organization to encourage students and teachers to stay motivated and engaged in building their skill sets.

Education is an ongoing process, and as an organization’s deployment grows, everyone needs opportunities for continuous learning and rewards.

Competitions amongst the students provides a myriad of opportunities, a platform to demonstrate talent, a stepping-stone to achieving greater things in life.

The students represent unconventional but effective ways of showcasing their talents and find out the light within themselves.

Keeping the above points in mind, Taurian Guidance Cell organized a Tableau Competition for Grade 6-9 on 26th November 2021 in the school’s assembly hall under the aegis of reverend principal Dr. Subhash Kumar.

Tableau is a theatrical technique in which actors freeze in poses that create a picture of one important moment in the play.

It was perfectly portrayed by students under the guidance of Mr. Vijay Kumar Sinha and Mrs. Komal Kriti .

There can’t be a perfect example for Team Work that was clearly seen among other colleagues who were instrumental in preparing children for such a colorful event.

There were six groups who had participated in the competition which were as follows:-

Group 1- Lohri (Grade 8)

Group 2 -Janmashtami(Grade 7)

Group 3 -Eid (Grade 8)

Group 4 -Durga puja(Grade 6)

Group 5- chhath (Grade 9)

Group 6- Christmas Nativity (Grade 9)

The Masters of the Ceremony were Renea Kaur Sidhu and Sanika Karna of Grade 7.

Two judges, Ms. Sharmila Chaterjee and Ms. Sujata Singh judged the competency of the students and the results were declared by our honorable Principal along with the vote of appreciation.

The results were as follows:

Team Christmas Nativity (Grade 9) took the 1st Prize while Team Chhath (Grade 9) and Team Durga Puja (Grade 6) were given 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Vote of thanks was delivered by Gauri Archita (Grade 11) 

Everyone’s hard work was a clear evidence of the session being such a grand success.


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