Taurian Center of Excellence – A Child Centric Life Skills Program launched on 14th April 2018

Taurian Center of Excellence

It was a fun filled Saturday on  14th April 2018 when Taurian World School launched the Taurian Center of Excellence, a child centric program especially for the base level kids (Primary students), to hone their skills in all spheres of life  which will be a learning for a life time for them.

The Activities
Whole day schedule was divided into various activities such as sports followed by organic farming, communication skill development, arts and music/dance.

During sports, some students from Grade LKG to V practiced few postures of Yoga like – Padhastasana, Trikonasana, Taar Asana, Paschimmottasana, ArdhaKurmasana, Ustrasana etc. as it will help them develop their body and mind.

Others were introduced to the horses for the first time in the horse riding class. They got to pat & feed the horses. Some of the old students displayed their horse riding skills to their new counterparts.

While some opted for basketball where they learned fundamental skill drills followed by a game, others quenched their thirst by playing a game of cricket.

Next, the children were taken to the TWS Organic Farm where we grow nutritious vegetables and fruits like watermelon, cauliflower, musk melon, papaya etc for our students. Grades LKG, UKG, I and II were taken to the primary garden where they watered the flowers and removed the weeds from the flower bed and Grades III, IV and V were taken to the Organic farm where they dug, cleared the land and prepared it for sowing spinach seed. They sowed the seeds with great enthusiasm.

Enrichment of Communication skill was the next step for our young learners. Students of Grade LKG to I had an interesting ‘Show and Tell’ session where they talked about their favourite thing. It was good to watch the amount of confidence in each child. Students of Grade II and III took part in an exciting JAM (Just A Minute) session where they were first taught about the rules of the session where they talked about various topics given to them. Meanwhile the students of Grade IV and V were introduced to the special skill of Poem Recitation. A variety of poems from some of the famous poets were recited in the class.

Students then moved to their next destination which was Art and Craft making. They made decorative pen stands using CDs, cardboard and chart papers. They learnt few techniques of origami, folding and pasting too.

The day came to an end with a special assembly led by the students where the Taurian Centre of Excellence & Literary Quest was officially launched. We were honoured to have Mr. Priyaranjan Bakshi, Zonal Head, Times of India East Zone, as the chief guest of the inaugural session. Ms. Chandramukhi Singh (HOD – English) shared the details of the Literary Quest to be celebrated next week in the school.

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