Taurian Center of Excellence Activity on 29th December 2018

“Farming is not just a job, it’s a way of life.”

With India being an anciently agriculture based country, it is important and imperative for all to not only understand how important it is in our lives but also how Farming needs to be preserved and enhanced at the same time.

To make our young minds familiar with Farming and Agricultural processes, as part of TCE, an initiative was taken to expose them to season’s crops and the processes involved from sowing to harvesting and marketing of the produce.

Entire Primary students were divided into two groups and taken to the Taurian’s Farm where season’s vegetables are grown. The students were first taken to the site where they were shown different stages of Peas – Sowing, growing and Harvesting. The students also sowed the peas seeds. They were then taken to the field which was 20 days old to see how growing looks like and then to the field where peas were ready to be harvested.

Students were also briefed about the fertilizers and pesticides used and why they are used.

At the end students were taken to Taurian मंडी ( Market ) where they participated in the selling and buying of the produces from farms – Peas, Tomatoes, Carrot and Radish. Students were given printed currencies from which they had to buy whatever they wanted as per the rate displayed on the Rate card.

Post visit, students were given worksheets related with their visit to the farm so that the learning they had could be deepened.

Click the following link to access the photos and cherish the beautiful moments. (https://goo.gl/dt4oRW)

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