Taurian has launched a new reading initiative – Taurian Reading Thrill

Reading is fundamental to function in today’s society. It is a vital skill in finding a good job, while developing our mind and imagination; it is how we discover new things. These are some of the benefits of reading. Most importantly, reading is necessary because words – spoken and written – are the building blocks of life. What you become in the future depends on the words you believe about yourself.

We at Taurian, have been thinking for some time now on how to inculcate the habit of reading in our young children’s mind to make them achieve their future goals. That is where our reading skills helped us. Taurian World School is planning to launch another initiative called the “Taurian Reading Thrill” (TRT) which will not only give exposure to new vocabulary for our kids to get higher scores in examinations but also higher scores in intelligence. Most importantly stronger reading skills will correspond to higher success later in life.

Just prior to Diwali break, our students will be issued a book from the library and they have to read it during their holidays. After reading the complete publication, they will write a review about the same in a specified format (click here to download the form). Then they will be required to submit their reviews to their respective class teachers on or before November 4th, 2017. Excellent reviews will attract certificates and prizes.

We request the teachers and parents to motivate the habit of reading in the children to make them smart, intelligent citizens of the nation and lead a stress-free life.

Learn more about the initiative and its guidelines by clicking here.

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