TCE Activity :: Day 2 :: 28th April 2018

Taurian Center of Excellence

Another enjoyable Saturday spent by our Primary kids with the TCE Programme. 
Students attended the second day of TCE Programme on 28th  April 2018, Saturday. The day begun with students moving enthusiastically for their sports activity where students of Grade LKG to II went for Horse Riding, where they spent some time bonding with the horses and feeding them. 
They then moved for Swimming where they were taken to the big pool for the first time this year. They learned how to float and the technique of ‘bubbling’ which is essential while swimming. Boys from Class III to V learned the straight drive and cover drive in cricket. Students then moved for their Organic farming classes. The tiny tots of LKG to II went to the school nursery. They potted Kochia plant under the guidance of Kaashi Sir. Students of Grade III to V went to their spinach plantation and then to the Poly House where they learnt how to prepare cocopit, prepare tray for planting their secret seed. They learnt about Poly House and some modern technique of irrigation. 
In the communication class, the juniors, (LKG to I) watched a video on the story “Pyaasaa kaOAa  ” and recited the poem whereas the students of class 2 and 3 did a speaking activity where they were given some pictures to paste and describe and then they presented the same in the class. Grade 4 and 5 students were on their way to make a movie – one of the strongest ways to communicate. The students were divided into two groups and they were given themes – Family Drama and Office Drama, to write their stories. Students were shown a movie as a guide to design a plot, characters and flow of the story. Then they brainstormed to write a story. They would be enacting the story written today in the next session.  
Everyone then enjoyed their art and craft lesson where they made hand puppets out of old socks.  They pasted the ears, nose and eyes made out of small buttons.  In their music class, they learnt the song ‘Little Eyes Be Careful What You See’ and were taught how to play the piano and guitar in Western music and Congo, Dholak and Harmonium in Indian music. They also learnt Sargam and ‘Hey Ram’ song. The students also learnt some freestyle and hip hop dancing where the focus was on balancing and basic feet movement. 
Children enjoying their day can be seen in the below pictures.
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