Technical Paper of Ms. Arsheet Kaur (Grade X) & Mr. Yogesh Popat (TGC Coordinator) published by IJITEE

IJITEE Journal

The International Journal of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering published a technical paper of Ms. Arshneet Kaur (Grade X) and Mr. Yogesh Popat (PGT Physics and TGC Coordinator) entitled as “Critical Review and Study of Brain wave Acquisition and Applications & Challenges of Brain Machine Interfacing” in Volume 7, Issue 1 February 2018. 

The paper aims to provide an overview of fast growing recent technology i.e, Brain Machine Interfacing.

It depicts the generation of different kind of brain waves in different states of brain and applications and challenges in using Brain machine interfacing for the betterment of society.

Brain machine interfacing is a growing field of study nowadays with many applications in various fields such as in medical field; it is used for neuronal rehabilitation, helping differently abled persons. It can also be used in games, entertainment and security purpose. 

This paper also shows the major challenges in using brain machine interfacing. 

First sections of the review comprises of the basic introduction abut BMI, Second section depicts the basic working block diagram of BMI, Third section indicates the important applications of BMI in various fields, fourth section of review indicates the different brain states and the corresponding brain waves produced with different range of frequency, fifth section depicts the different signal acquisition methods and last, sixth section shows the challenges related to the utilization of BCIs.

On behalf of the Management, we commend the efforts of Mr. Yogesh in making this possible.

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