Weekly Highlights – Grade 5

understanding unique characteristics of different plants

In Science students have begun exploring the unit Plant Kingdom, understanding unique characteristics of different plants. The unit was introduced using the provocation strategy- Carousel Brainstorming; wherein the learners were presented with keyword provocation cards to reflect and share – What I already know? 

Students learn better when they experience learning; especially through experiments! 

To understand the structure and function  of different parts of seeds, students hands-on experimented with different seeds; peeling each layer and observing their structure and discussing their function.

For the UOI learning, last week learners have discussed and mind-mapped their thoughts on-  What are the essentials that make our World work? Through this activity learners were introduced to the UOI theme- HOW THE WORLD WORKS.

For their Social Science class, learners have begun inquiring into Natural Disasters; during the week they observed various pictures of natural disasters to reflect on their prior knowledge.

Below are few pictures of students in action during the lesson.


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