Workshop on “How to Prepare for Examinations – Introspection & Retrospection”

A workshop on Exam Preparation was conducted on January 8th 2019 for the students of Grade IX to XII.

The prime focus of the workshop was to cater to the need of students appearing in the Board Exams but it served as an orientation workshop for students of other Grades as well.

The Workshop started with a brief discussion on Students’ experience of Preboard-1. Based on the experience shared by them a Self Mapping sheet was given to them in which all the students were made to do an analysis of Performance in all the subjects. Respective subject teachers helped them in identifying concept faults and extended help in Mapping. 

The second part of the workshop focused on Organization of the learning resources. Various teachers suggested their ideas on how students can organize their notes and likewise prepare for the exams in more effective way.

During the Time Management session, the students were made to analyze different time schedule, a short discussion was held on various activities to manage time for study plan. A suggestive time schedule was also shared with the students .

Later, a Study Plan was prepared by the students with the help of teachers based on two components: Month wise and Week wise planning.

Study Smart Tips as below were shared with the students-

  • Know the syllabus well.
  • Organize the material needed to be studied into 40 minutes portions. Take a break after each portion.
  • We learn best at the ‘start & end’ of a study session
  • When reviewing a topic ask yourself, Who, What, When, Where, Why & How.
  • Pay close attention during EXAM REVIEW

While coming to the end of the session, some suggestive measures were also discussed with the students which are as follows-

  • Eat well & Rest well. 
  • Do NOT watch TV or play computer games before going to bed prior to the exam.
  • LAST minute studying and Cramming does not HELP.  So make sure that you have had enough SLEEP!
  • Show up 10 minutes early
  • Arrange stuff nicely
  • Go to the washroom
  • Have everything you need
  • Dress appropriately (Warm outside but cool inside)
  • Books, bags, coats are left at the front of the room
  • Write facts, formulas on the last page of the sheet A.S.A.P.
  • Read over the exam and develop a plan (E.g., Determine the amount of time you need to spend on each section of the exam and start with the questions you know)
  • Return to the questions you are not sure of
  • Take the time to check your answers before you finish

Some Revision Tips were shared by the participants and teachers-

  • Get a bunch of index cards  (different colors)
  • Write down one key idea per card
  • On one side write down the title
  • On the other side write down the points associated with it.
  • Use different colors for different themes

The Workshop ended with an experience sharing session by some students who shared their learning and takeaways.

Click this link to access the photos: https://goo.gl/WG4g5B

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