Youth Leadership Program

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a difference”.     By Winston Churchill.

We are blissful to share with you, that our Social Science Department has started a Youth Leadership Program to explore learning beyond the classroom. Under this programme, a Peer Teaching activity was presented on 1st February 2022 by our Grade IX students who acted as the Leaders and Grade V students who were the participants, under the guidance of their teachers, Ms. Soniya Tiwari (HoD), Mr. Chandan Singh, Mrs. Sugita Mukhopadhyay, Mrs .Rimjhim Mukherjee and Mr. Kevin David.


The Leaders were as follows:

Jasreet Kaur, Mannat Chauhan, Amartya Prakash and Ratnam Dakshinamurti


The Participants were:

Students of Grade V

The activity was based on the topic “Constitution” which is part of syllabus for both classes. The objective of this YLP activity was to learn with fun and to have real-life experiences as well.


Learning outcome:


  • Being taught by students can break down barriers that may affect some students and can create a more engaging learning experience.
  • Students receive more time for individualized learning.
  • Direct interaction between students promotes active learning.
  • Peer teachers reinforce their own learning by instructing others.
  • Students feel more comfortable and open when interacting with a peer.
  • Peers and students share a similar discourse, allowing for greater understanding.
  • Students learn collaboration, communication and real- life experiences which will help them to gain skill and expertise in their life.












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