Agri-Integrated Learning

Students participating in plantation at the AGRI-INTEGRATED LEARNING

Classrooms have taken a different shape to keep up with this new change. Teaching methods and methodology have altered the traditional teaching-learning experience. For those in the educational profession, this might seem to be challenging but it is imperative to accept the change to deliver the best to the next generation. After all, change is inevitable.

This change has brought in an important factor that plays a significant and in- dispensable part in the student-teacher relationship. This major factor is Bridging the gap in the teacher-student relation through Communication.

There is evidence that shows that a positive student-teacher bonding can create greater classroom productivity. 

On 29th July, in the Agri-Integrated learning module, middle school students were divided into 3 groups

-Hydroponics group

-Plant breeding group and

-Organic farming group.

We took farming into account to develop their Scientific skill,   interpersonal skill and thinking skill

Learning outside the classroom helps teachers create enthusiasm for learning, provide a real-world context and expose students to a range of STEM careers.

Students who experience learning outside the classroom benefit from increased self-esteem and become more engaged in their education.

Photos & Videos can be accessed through the below link



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