Activity on Speaking English

These are the cornerstone of learning a language.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

Communication skills play a vital role and one must have mastery over these skills to get success in their respective fields. So, speaking is the most important skill among all the four language skills in order to communicate well in this global world. Thus, the classroom is the ideal platform to acquire good communication skills, especially, speaking skills.


Speaking: the skill of doom! It is the most effective thing you can do to improve your language skills. To strengthen this skill, you will of course have to find someone to practice speaking with.

The skill work in pairs. When you’re reading or listening, you’re consuming a language.

However, when you’re writing or speaking, you’re producing a language.

Grade VI of Taurian World School performed a speaking activity under Multi Skill Course Book on the subject of healthy eating throwing light on the present situation on how our immunity plays a critical role as the first line of defense against any infection.


They spoke about nutrition has various facets and a key aspect is food choices that ensures good health and immunity. They also told that how it is important because while there has been an increase in food choices over the years, most people still end up consuming a nutrition deficient diet. It is here that the rich heritage and wisdom of traditional food comes to the rescue.


With a lot of this knowledge gets used intuitively in our day-to-day lives, many aspects are still being unraveled, and yet more are unexplored. And with the world catapulted into a new normal due to the pandemic, the importance of nutritionally balanced food and the role it plays in immunity building and overall well-being has taken center stage.

They spoke about the types of food we should eat more, the types of food we should eat less, the types of food we should avoid completely, how much food we should eat, the types of meal we eat, for example, snacks, or proper family meals at the table, how we cook our food, where we shop for food, etc. The students participated actively and enjoyed the activity.



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