Latitude and Longitude

The 6th Graders were taught the chapter Latitudes and Longitudes. In this chapter, the important lines of the latitudes and the longitudes were explained with their position on the surface of the earth along with how they help the geographers to understand  our earth better.

 The formation of the earth’s grid by these imaginary lines was shown to them. The effect of these parallels and meridians on the inhabitants of the earth was also discussed. How these latitudes and the longitudes divide the earth into different heat zones and time zones respectively was taught to them as well.  

To make the concept these of important lines crystal clear, the children were given an activity on the said topic, wherein, they had to make a model of the earth on thermocol plates and show these important lines with different colored satin ribbons or woolen threads and label them on it. The children enjoyed the activity and the concept was clear to them.


Middle School

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