All About Me

“Who am I?” answers “All About Me”. Our Primary school students enjoyed the week, learning and talking about themselves and their families. Learning and reflecting about oneself always helps us to stay more connected to our own self and also to our surrounding.

Staying connected with the theme, the fourth and fifth graders of Taurian World School were taught to write Bio-poems and Cinquain Poems. Bio poems helped students get beyond aspects of identity that are often more obvious. 

The fifth graders also did a small research activity on a literary figure. Cinquain was used to introduce poetry to fourth graders. It is brief and ideal for beginners. Both groups wrote their own poems and read it to the whole class. The first graders too remained connected to the theme. They learned about personal pronouns, parts of the book and are now busy creating their own mini book – “All About Me”. 

Grade 3 worked on the same theme and had an introduction class where they introduced themselves. Then they talked on the topic “ What is keeping Me Busy?“- these days. As our students just like everyone else are at home during this period of time, it is crucial to keep ourselves focused and busy with some kind of activity and maintain a schedule too. On the same topic, they were also encouraged to write five things that have been keeping them busy, activities they are doing as a hobby or for helping their parents at home and express the same through visual art by drawing pictures as well. Students came up with artistic ways showing the same.

Students of Grade 1 and Grade 2 also enjoyed their lessons on the same theme. They worked on their communication skills while talking about themselves, their hobbies, likes and dislikes. They then presented the same information on a worksheet. They used different methods to present their understanding through illustrations, pictures and words.

Grade UKG and LKG also had their lessons on the same theme where they talked about their own self, their favourites, their uniqueness. They learnt how we all are unique in our own way and that is something that makes us special. They worked on their vocabulary skills and made three letter words using letters of their name. They also learnt a poem – “I am Special” and created a sheet – ‘All About Me’ where they highlighted their likes and choices.

Grade 2 introduced themselves and their family members by making and presenting a family tree in their Hindi class. Grade 4 also worked and presented their family trees and discussed the importance of family. They were then encouraged to write a few lines for each of their family members. Grade 5 students talked about the likes and dislikes of themselves and their family as a whole.

Students thoroughly enjoyed all the activities done on the theme – which helped them to connect back with their learning while sharing their feelings and emotions.   


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