Creative Minds

Learning becomes even more fun when learners are enthusiastic and learners become more enthusiastic when learning gets creative. At Taurian World School, students and teachers use a variety of creative ways in their journey to learn and experience new things and to proudly present their understanding and achievement.


Grade 1 students have been exploring the world around them as they have been learning about Living and Non-living things. They learned to identify living and non-living things based on different features. They presented their understanding by making interesting booklets and collages.

Our little buddies of Grade 2 have been enjoying their lessons learning about Internal organs and they enthusiastically presented their learning in the form of a booklet as well.

Our Grade 3 learners had an amazing time learning about the feeding habits of different animals. They presented the different feeding habits of various animals using pictures and also explained the same in writing.

Social Science

Our young learners from Grade 3 have been learning about the importance of our planet Earth and appreciating the various resources it provides us. They then presented a collage showing different things that can be done to keep the Earth clean and green.

Grade 4 students have been learning about physical divisions and use of index in maps. They drew outlines of neighbouring countries of India and presented a few facts about them. They even drew the outline of their own country and marked all the physical divisions using indexes.

Grade 5 students on the other hand have been learning about our planet using different resources like map and globe. They created their own 3D model of Earth using creative techniques.  They even explored more about maps and created a route map to reach their friend’s home from their home using different symbols to indicate various areas like park, temple, etc.


Primary Wing

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