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One of the sectors that have been impacted the most during this Pandemic is the Education sector and naturally, the most impacted groups of people are the Students- of all ages. Online classes have been instrumental in catering to the learning needs of the students to a great extent. But, learning beyond classrooms is naturally compromised due to various limitations and constraints.

In order to supplement the learning outside textbooks and make students familiar with and aware of what is happening around the globe, we came up with a concept of BEYOND CLASSROOM for the students of Grade 5.

As the name suggests, Beyond Classroom is a period in which students are exposed to current affairs and learning opportunities about the world.

With the above-mentioned goals, the first Beyond Classroom Quiz was conducted for Grade 5 students. The students were extremely happy and excited to have participated in the Quiz and expressed their desire to continue with it. The topics included all subjects of our lives like Science, Sports, Musics, Politics and General Awareness relating India and World.

The method of imparting this knowledge is also different from the ones generally used in the classes. Students learn by engaging in different forms of Quizzes on different platforms. These Quizzes are individual-based and group-based as well. Along with Quizzes, students are also exposed to different kinds of Puzzles to inculcate Critical Thinking in each student. Some of the platforms used for these Quizzes and Puzzles are Kahoot, Google Form, Jeopardy, PPTs, etc. 

Kahoot makes learning fun as well and also imparts a sense of healthy competition as they can see their positions at the point tables. This is a great tool for individual activity. It also tests for speed along with accuracy helping students sharpen their promptness while responding.

Jeopardy is a very exciting way of keeping the interest of the students intact as it gives them the autonomy to choose the points and categories of questions they want to choose from. Along with this it also brings in teamwork to function which is almost extinct due to the online mode of the teaching-learning process.

Google Classroom has been the greatest platform for all involved in the teaching-learning process. It came as a savior for millions of people as it already has integrated tools for imparting learning. Google Form is one of the many effective tools to engage students meaningfully.

Apart from their Beyond the Classroom time, in their regular online classes also various other platforms are used for making the online classes more interesting. Learning and recalling were also made fun for the students in using another interesting drawing-based game known as Skribbl. Although a usual drawing game site, it can be used effectively in the classroom to help build on the vocabulary skills of the children as to win the game one has to master the spellings as well as their recalling ability and of course motor and thinking skills.

Another great application used in the online classroom to make the teaching-learning process more effective is Classroomscreen which utilizes the Digi-board in the virtual classroom that helps students to focus on their work. Browser turns into an interactive board and has the capability to display various tools. Support in the class activities, stimulate engagement and help the students get to work by using the intuitive tools of Classroomscreen.

Another great application that has helped in generating interest among the students to stay energetic and enthusiastic towards their learning and in sharing their ideas is Padlet. It can be used to put together all ideas on a virtual wall where everyone can read and reflect on them. The colors, presentation, and the ability to share knowledge in a different style have really encouraged the students to stay more active in their online classes.


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