Taurian Equestrian Centre has a new Brumby



We are proud to announce that our Equestrian Family got bigger with the addition of a new colt who was born to our two premier horses – Hercules and Jasmine.

These horses have represented Jharkhand in Kolkata Race Course too.

This is a historical event in Ranchi City and most probably in the State of Jharkhand that is the first time a thoroughbred horse has taken birth here and we are pleased to inform you that this is the first time we have started Horse Breeding in Jharkhand.

This little brumby has been keeping us on our toes since he was born.

The little fellow is now being kept with his mom Jasmine in one shed. Everything went fine with the birth and Juno bonded with Jasmine very well. We are monitoring this family closely every day.

It is EXTREMELY important that the kid is not stressed or harassed in any way.

The little one is very strong! He was running all over when he was only a couple hours old, is nursing like a champ when he can, and has figured out how those long legs work.

Some photos have been attached herewith.


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