Celebrating International Children’s Book Day



Since 1967, on or around Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, 2 April, International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) has been celebrated to inspire a love of reading and to call attention to children’s books.

Reading in the early years has numerous benefits and is the key to a child’s mental and emotional growth. One key benefit of inculcating the habit of reading is the development of critical thinking skills. Reading books increases our knowledge, enhances our imagination, builds our vocabulary and generally makes you smarter.

On the eve of International Children Book Day on 2nd April a Buddy reading session was organized for primary students. Classes across the primary section paired up to share books with each other. The learners selected books to share and read with or read to their peers. Learners were able to support each other when reading as well as work together on using expression and voices.

The objective of this session was to celebrate International Children Book Day and to enhance the spelling and literary skills of children by encouraging them to explore the books, expand their vocabulary and improve their communication and reading skills.

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