Choose Fair Trade

Learn How to Fair Trade

Knowledge is not only received from the books we read but from every situation we are in.

We interact with the working world in many different ways and thus gain knowledge in all forms.

When learning is connected to our everyday lives, it not only becomes more relevant but also fun.

One such opportunity was when Grade 5 students started their Unit on Consumption in their UOI class.

They learnt about the different sectors of industry and came to know about the chain of production of different items people consume every day.

They came to know the importance of each and every sector and realized how it all starts from the Primary sector.

While exploring the topic, they came to know about the financial imbalance the people working in different sectors face like the workers of the primary sector being exploited.

They carried on their unit learning to know more about Unfair and Fair-trade situations and came to the conclusion that wherever possible one should opt for Fair trade to support all the workers who work really hard and to put a stop to child labour.

They finally took action by making some wonderful posters to persuade people to choose Fair trade over unfair ones.

Some of them went beyond and did their own research to find more about fair and unfair trade situations and how we as consumers can help to make the situation better.

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