Common and Special Names

The concept of noun or naming words in early education plays a vital role as it helps to further strengthen the grammatical knowledge and vocabulary building ensuring academic success in later years. But teaching nouns doesn’t have to be boring! Adding a little fun into the process can get students actively engaged in the learning process and raise the confidence about their own understanding.

Students of Grade 2 had learnt Naming words and its kinds- Common names and Special names. Based on this ,they were given an activity where they had to make a  brown tree trunk with bare branches and paste it on a half chart paper of any colour. Then, they made 16 maple leaves, 8 of green colour and 8 of orange colour. On each orange maple leaf they had to write common names and on each green maple leaf they had to write special names. After that they had to paste those maple leaves on the bare branches of the tree randomly.

Bingo! The Naming Words tree was ready!!


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