Human language is a remarkable way to communicate. It is even more remarkable how a child learns to express his thoughts, ideas, emotions and to interpret different information through various forms of communication. A child uses many ways to express themselves be it in the form of verbal or written language or through play, art or even physical gestures.

Students at Taurian World School have been creatively expressing their learning, thoughts and ideas using a variety of different techniques and language formats. Our UKG buddies expressed their idea of a perfect family picnic using their artistic skills. They even expressed their emotions and talked about their favourite superhero and presented it in a very creative way.

Students of Grade 2 presented the things they cannot imagine their life without in an artistic way.  They used the impression of their palms and counting the ten fingers wrote ten things that are very important and special to them in their life. They even created scrapbooks on the stories they have learnt about in their class.

Students of Grade 3 worked on building their vocabulary skills by collecting different words in written format from around them and arranged them in alphabetical order. They were also excited to make scrapbooks based on the stories they have done in class.

Our Grade 4 learners were offered writing practice and grammar review. The kids practiced building sentences with different parts of speech. They then created drawings/paintings of the sentences they came up with. Afterwards, they arranged and presented their work in a beautiful collage. This gave them an opportunity to revisit the concept by doing it in a different way.



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