if language were a person …

If language were a person, you could make it a bosom friend,

And when you bridge those gaps with this new yet a pristine friend of yours, it’ll reveal the empty space and you’ll see how sagacious it is!

By sustaining all those little snags it’ll edify you -” That the world needs you “.

The space you share with it, will have you wandering, learning, forgetting and falling, most importantly hoping.

It’ll keep prompting you about those people, as always, around you, clinging to often shattered traditions, part of an old sphere and yet not finding a place in the new.

It’ll be the one you’ll seek solace in because, here you are feeling lost,  in a place where there’s a silence more eloquent.

It’ll tell you how, as to why it prefers to be arbitrary and ambiguous, because it wants to give you a hand while you fight to state precisely about who you are?

It’ll not just tell you who but where you stand, it will help you to contemplate.

It shall make you understand that the sounds within it, were considered it’s own, discrete sounds with distinct words with distinct meaning. It also will tell you how people fight for it with difference in sounds and order in which they are encrypted. But its sanctity was never attacked. It’s free from such futile exercise that the most intelligent animals do on earth.

It stood tall and ceaseless. And so will you be amzed to know how important was it to know this being ‘Language’.

So isn’t language one of the best things, that has happened to you?

A once in a lifetime kind of person?


Shreya Rai

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