Kinaesthetic Learning

‘Hands on Learning’, also known as Kinesthetic learning has been found to be a very effective method when it comes to the teaching learning process.

The idea behind this practice is not just to help students understand a concept better but its effectiveness goes even beyond that.

Learning by doing encourages students to actually experience the concept they have been learning about and thus helps in better retention of the concept taught.

It goes beyond the traditional classroom book scenario and actually helps them to make connections with real life and thus makes more sense to them.

Going on the journey to experience the topics taught in class for themselves, our Grade 1 and 2 students have been learning about Plants Around them.

They learnt about different types of plants, parts of plants and carried on their learning to understand the process of seed germination.

They came to know about the process of how plants grow from seeds by planting their own seeds and making regular observations.

They enjoyed watching the little seed growing into saplings as they continue to care for the same.

Activities like these not only focus on the concept of Kinesthetic learning but also allows the students to take on responsibility and be a keen observer.


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