Impact of Covid-19 on Education

Hello everyone. I am Aarav Chawla and I am writing this blog on the how Covid-19 has had its impact on education.

 The world is facing a difficult time. The pandemic has impacted life in all ways. One major sector, that is Education, has been one of the major victims that has been impacted by this dangerous virus.

Schools have been closed in many countries and in some schools have started with proper safety where the government thinks that it is safe.

In India too, the schools have been closed and it is uncertain whether they will open or not as the situation here is alarming. In order to not put a full stop on the education of the students, online classes was the only option available; but people thought that going digital suddenly will only last for few months and regular classes will continue soon, but in vain.

Online classes, though effective, cannot be an alternate to physical classes where face to face interaction plays a major role and is an important aspect of teaching. Staying away from the school has impacted on the the academics. Earlier, we had different activities, programs and workshops to participate which may include going in the field to play. These activities helped in overall development of a child. His or her skills improve by doing these workshops. but now we have to maintain social distancing. 

Board exams too got affected as they were postponed to June – July but later on got cancelled as schools had to remain closed to contain the virus.

Now Term 1 examinations are being taken online. This will not test the child’s abilities as marks will be reduced and the students might not be as clear with the concepts because in physical classrooms the consumption power of a student is better and you grab the concepts in a better way.

Spending a lot of time online has also a bad impact on a child’s health. Students have more free time at home as schools are closed, eventually increasing the gadget time impacting the health.

Covid-19 also had a severe impact on the Indian economy but we can do nothing about it.

So be healthy. Be Safe.


Aarav Chawla – Grade IX

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