Lessons I Learnt From The Lockdown

Hello my name is Aprajita, from Taurian world school.

I am writing this blog to share my lesson that this lockdown has taught me.

We all think that this lockdown has destroyed our life as we all have to stay home and do nothing but get bored.

But I think that lockdown has made me a person who can now spend more of the time with her parents and have more family time which I never had before this lockdown.

Now I have more time to embrace my hobbies and some other skills like cleaning, helping mumma at kitchen, gardening and many more.

Now I help my mother in doing the home chores like watering the plants, dusting and cooking which made me realize how difficult it is to cook food and how much hard work she does for making delicious food for us (mothers are the real magicians).

This has made me love my mother even after realizing how much hard work she does for me every day.

These days I am also trying to enhance my other skills and hobbies.

My hobby is dancing, so I watch some dance tutorial on YouTube during my free time which makes me feel that I am making a good use of this quarantine.

I also practice math in my free time because I am not so good in it which is helpful, now I am not as terrible at math as before.

These things help me to be busy which is great according to my parents as they think it is a better option than using other social media apps (like Instagram).

I also try doing yoga for at least ten minutes to improve my flexibility. I think doing these things are lot better than just getting bored.

You can also listen to music to consume your free time or have a talk with your family which you must not have done before lockdown.

This is the time to get closer to your family and have a strong bonding with them.

We all are suffering due to this pandemic, but remember that bad time doesn’t last forever.

Last but not the least, you can pray for the covid patients, doctors and for all people who are helping the nation to get rid of covid 19.

Aprajita Singh – Grade IX

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