Class VII – Learning about Elements and Compounds

To engage the children in active learning, classroom activities are very important. It helps our children to become attentive and active throughout the class.

Students of Class 7 conducted an experiment on difference in the properties of a compound and a mixture in their Science class.  Materials used for the experiment were Sulphur Powder, Iron Dust and Bar Magnet.  It was fun to see the children participate actively in the experiment and gain a clear understanding about the differences between an element, a mixture and a compound.

Sneha Lohia (Class VIIA): We took two elements – Sulphur and Iron Filings. Then we put them in a porcelain dish and they became a mixture. But it was on heating that they changed into a compound – Iron Sulphide.

Tehreem Rabbani (Class VIIB):  Through the experiment we learnt that chemical reaction takes places only in two ways: 1. If we heat them. 2. If we dissolve them in water.


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