End of Unit Celebration

A big thank you to all the parents who made our Primary School End of Unit Celebration a big success with their presence on Saturday 2nd December, 2017. All the classes from LKG to Class 5 presented their learning. It was delighting to see the children performing on stage with such joy and confidence.

The programme was fantastically conducted and hosted by Sadique Irfan Siddiqui, Srishti Kerketta, Garv Ekka and Pramila Kumari.

Our tiny tots from Grade LKG and UKG were the ones to begin the celebration. They shared their learning on their unit – Patterns and Celebration respectively. They presented a beautiful Christmas song depicting the birth of Lord Jesus.

8 students from Grade 3 to 5 exhibited their skill of clear and expressive speech in the Elocution Competition where they were judged on their pronunciation, style and tone of speaking. The first position was bagged by Vaishnawi Sinha of Grade 5B, Jyoti Kumari of Grade 4 came second and Millika Poorvi of Grade 5A bagged the third position.

Following the Elocution were the students of Grade 1 sharing their learning on the unit Materials and Grade 2 students sharing their learning on the unit Healthy Choices.

Next was the Hindi Play – “Sangathan Me Shakti Hai” – Argument between different organs of the body presented in an amusing skit with an imperative message on the strength of unity.

Students of Grade 3 and 4 were next to share their learning on the unit – Money and Ecosystem respectively.
Students also presented a French skit – ‘Les Misérables’ – A short extract from Les Misérables (The Miserables) with the message of philanthropy. They also presented a French song on greetings and family.

Next was the science presentation on Food Web – A musical demonstration of the system of interlocking and interdependent food chains.

Students also presented an English Play – ‘It’s My Favourite’ – A comical skit showcasing the importance of all subjects in a student’s life.

Students of Grade 5 were next to share their learning on the unit – Advances in Science.
The Primary band students gave an extraordinary performance on bucket drumming and bagpipe. Every single item of the entire show was unique in its own way.

Followed by the programme in the assembly hall, students also had a dance performance in the lawn and everyone enjoyed capturing some special moments with their family, friends and teachers in the photography corner.

You can see the event photos by clicking on the link below:

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