Professional Development Day – 5

Professional Development Day workshop was conducted on Wednesday 3rd January, 2018.  The theme of the workshop was “Special Emphasis on Child Centric Learning & Skill Development”. A detailed report of the sessions is as below:


Session-1 ( Taken by Principal Sir, Dr. Subhash Kumar)

Topic –  Special emphasis on child centric learning and Skill Development


How we can create learning environment for children?


Purposes of learning

  • To understand the purpose of learning –  children should know it as well along with teachers
  • We need to generate faith in students
  • How to face challenges of life is the ultimate purpose of learning
  • Need to bring variety in learning teaching process


WHY our parents have chosen TWS for their students -?


  • So that they can be provided with holistic learning and not got just academics
  • That is why so  any co curricular activities so that they can be developed holistically


I want to create a school where every individual ( teachers)  impart their talents and skills to students in most befitting ways.


The learning in the classroom should be as per the need of students and not in the fixed and traditional ways only.


Students need a balanced mix of rote learning and experiential learning.


How well can we create an involved classroom?  This question was asked to everyone.  ( The responses below are from the different groups of teachers)

  • By addressing the need of each student
  • Ratio between teacher and students talking time- eliciting answers from students
  • By making the child comfortable and at ease
  • By giving opportunity to each child to express themselves
  • By providing freedom to express their learning through processes and methods he is comfortable with
  • When teachers act as just facilitator
  • By giving pre knowledge to the students so that they come to the  class by doing some knowledge beforehand
  • By reflecting on the work they do
  • Group discussion or group activities
  • Tasks as per the capabilities of the students –  subject oriented activities
  • By giving appropriate awards
  • By setting the conducive environment
  • By linking the concepts and topics to generate interest
  • Throw questions to the students and make a mind map on the board. When students sees their ideas on the board they automatically get motivated to participate
  • Give positive remarks to the students


Do we take care of the classroom? If the classroom is not properly organised students are taken off the learning.

Children learn a lot by observing so we need to set the environment right for the students.


Bonding with students is a must. Judicious mix of firmness and politeness is required.  Only shouting creates chaos.

Generating faith is very vital.


Interdisciplinary teaching of skills and concepts.


Session -2

Team Building Activities ( By Deepak Joel Sir, Coordinator, Sports)


The activity took place in the sports ground where teachers were divided in 6 groups.

There were two activities both of which required understanding about each member of the team, their strengths and weaknesses to be  able to complete the task and win.


Activity-1 : Cross the bridge : each group had to cross the given area with the help of the bricks. Further each of the six groups were divided into two halves, each half being on the other side of the bridge which they had to cross.


Activity-2 : Blow the ball : There were 7 empty glasses which were to be filled with water ( kept at the other end). One tennis ball was kept in the first glass which had to be blown and pass it on to the next glass. Each member had to bring a small glass of water from the other end, fill the empty glass and blow the ball to other. The team which gets the ball to the last glass first wins.


By Pradeep Sir ( Coordinator, Sr. Secondary) on the topic :


What do we do to create an Involved Classroom and how can we create one ?


  • Focusing on the Children
  • Teaching provided as per the need of Children
  • Child has the autonomy of what they learn along with how they learn


Video about students centered learning


There are four principles that we need to keep in mind to ensure Child-Centric Classroom

  • Personalised learning- when we make learning personalised for children.
  • Competence based learning
  • Learning anytime anywhere
  • When students take initiatives

Session -3 by Vijay Paul Sir (Coordinator – Middle School) on the topic


Understanding the developmental dimensions of an elementary school children


Only when we keep  in mind how a child grows and develops, we can truly create a child centric classroom. There are various developmental aspects of a child which includes


  • Physical and Motor development
  • Social development
  • Language development
  • Moral development
  • Emotional development


In order to impart learning to children we need to first understand the various aspects of development. Teachers were given a handout which highlighted each of the above aspects in brief including key element of that developmental stage. Teachers discussed those characteristics in the groups and shared them with everyone.


With this the a wonderful, thought provoking PDD session came to an end which had in it the elements of learning and fun together.



The photos can be seen by clicking on the below link:


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