Founder’s Day

Every year, various schools celebrate their respective founder’s days to commemorate the person who founded and established the school. It is significant  because of the number of years the founder has served the community in which the institution is founded. It is also significant especially considering the many lives that have been influenced and impacted after passing through the hallways of an institution of international standing.  It is typical for schools to adopt a very festive mood during the commemoration of the Founder’s Day. There are games, dance and singing, and just about anything that completes a school-wide celebration.

Taurian World School too left no stones unturned. On 2nd July 2017, we too celebrated the annual Founder’s Day with full pomp and gaiety. Extravaganzas of activities were conducted by our students. The festivity started with a prayer which rented the air with divinity and soulfulness followed by cutting of the cake. The congregation was privy to the foundation of school well show-cased through a video. Then our students took the stage on storm while showing their fervor, zest and enthusiasm and mesmerizing us with their fantabulous performances in dancing and singing. The environment in the assembly hall also showed a sense of togetherness, as all the staff as well as our students; especially girl students wore a formal attire (suit and tie); all looking so smart and professional. The event was followed by a sumptuous and lavish dinner.

For all of us, it was arguably one of the most important day in our school’s calendar; a day when we remember the Founder mentor of our School, Mr. Amith Bajla; a day when we value his legacy. We are indebted to him who had the vision that led to the creation of Taurian World School in 2008, and who has contributed to the leadership and vision of the school. All  of the education for which the school has become known is due to the  foresight of Mr. Amith Bajla, who set out with the express intention of developing a school which provided an excellent education with a different thought. We owe him a debt of gratitude – without him this fine school simply would not exist.

To make the day more memorable and special and to venerate our beloved Founder, we planted a Banyan Tree in our campus. As the tree grows, so will our vision. Planting trees is a great way to increase student interest in their local environment and achieve academic goals. When students plant trees, they can see for themselves the structure of trees; learn what they need and how they grow. Hence we will be involving various students in farming where they will learn the importance of organic farming too.

Students become aware that they can play a role in protecting the environment through personal involvement. Ultimately, our hope is that their experience will help them make intelligent decisions about conservation and use of our valuable natural resources.

Some of the moments captured are below for you to cherish with.

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