Grade 7 : Field Trip to Tasar Research & Training Institute : Ranchi

The students of Class 7 went on a Field Trip to Central Tasar Research & Training Institute, Patrachauli, Ranchi.  It was an experiential learning through which they got an insight and better understanding of sericulture and the life cycle of a silk moth, which is a part of their science syllabus ‘Animal Fibers’.

On arrival at the Institute, they first visited the Museum and were briefed about the four different kinds of silk grown in India and places they are grown in. The students learned about the seeds of Tasar plants, and the variety of Tasar silk worm as well as silk fibers.

Next the children saw and were taught about the entire process through which silk is formed and how the yarn is formed using various spinning and weaving techniques. A handloom, which is now-a-days read about mostly in books and rarely seen, immediately attracted the students.

Then children were shown the rearing of silk worms. They learnt about the copulation of silk moth, their breeding patterns, their longevity, difference between the male silk moth and female silk moth, and the fertilized and unfertilized eggs.


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