Community Helpers

Man is a social being and is dependent on others for everything that is needed to lead a happy and prosperous  life.

A “community helper” can be defined as any person who helps with our health and overall well being. Community helpers includes dentists, doctors, farmers, teachers, gardeners, chef, driver, engineers, carpenters, cobblers and many other occupation that fall into this category.

In order to introduce to these community helpers to LKG and UKG students, Ms. Seema, Ms. Neha and Ms. Anupa, invited Mr. Partho (the physician), Mr. Gagan (the chef), Mr. Kashi (the gardener) and Ms. Sarita (the helper) as guest speakers to share the importance of their jobs and various tools that they use to perform their task. Students were enriched with the knowledge as they spoke and demonstrated on how to bandage a wound or plant a sapling or take care of the plants and flowers or how to cook the food. At the same time they informed the students how their uniform plays an important role to accomplish their duties.

The students were enthusiastic as they learnt something different and were grateful  to the guest speakers for helping the society.

To understand the concept of community helpers broadly, Ms. Sima, Ms. Neha and Ms. Anupa, took the students of LKG and UKG to visit some of the different work places at Taurian World School. They explored the IT room , Library and Garden.

Mr. Sanjay showed them the printing machine and explained how to get prints and Xeroxes done in the IT room.

Next, they visited  the library, where the Librarian, Mr. Mrinmoy told  children that the library  has a collection of  more than 8000 books, comprising of fictional, non-fictional stories, biography, autobiographies, science, geography and many more. The students were thrilled to see a huge number  of books arranged in different shelves according to Primary, Secondary and Higher secondary sections.

Thereafter, it was time to see, feel and experience the beauty of nature as they walked into the garden with our Gardener, Mr. Kashi. Mr. Kashi.  Kashi explained to them how to take care of flowers and plants and also encouraged every one of them to grow plants at home.

It was nice to observe the students listening intently as our staff from various departments explained their job functions.

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