Grade VI: Activity on Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are very important as they are extremely common in informal English, and unless students are familiar with their meanings,
understanding informal language will be difficult. In addition, learning to use phrasal verbs correctly will help students sound natural in casual conversation.

The students of Grade VI were given plenty of opportunities to explore phrasal verbs in their block periods on Monday, 24 July 2017. To start with, they watched
a video containing different phrasal verbs with the pictures and the explanation. They were also shown a video song “Phrasal Verbs rock” which they enjoyed
a lot. At the same time, they picked up the phrasal verbs used in the song.

Next they did an exercise from their Multi Skill Course Book where they chose the correct phrasal verbs for the given pictures.

Lets listen to what the students felt.

Vishal: I was introduced with the phrasal verbs for the first time but understood the meaning very well.

Shourya: Studying phrasal verbs is really interesting. We have got some worksheets to do. I will research more on the topic and do my worksheet well.

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